It's A Premium Thing

We have gone through a number of different approaches and processes on this site which will hopefully aid you in your quest to generate an income from new car leads.

Everyone’s circumstances are different so there are a great number of factors which will ultimately determine the way in which you go about your business. Some points that we haven’t covered in too much detail as of yet are the variables of how much you want to earn and how hard or how long you are actually willing to work.

We have looked at the idea of selling leads for popular models to generate a high volume of sales – but because these markets are so competitive your margins may actually be relatively low. Consequently you will have to put in more hours and sell more leads to make profit consistently. Moreover, the price of the vehicle itself (as new) directly correlates with the level of net profit you will make per unit – you are not going to make thousands selling a low volume of Dacia Sandero leads because the list price is so cheap.

So this brings us to an alternative tactic which is deployed by a smaller number of new car lead sellers, but is incredibly lucrative nevertheless – sell leads purely for premium vehicles. When we say premium vehicles what we really mean is luxury and executive models – forget about family cars and city cars for a minute, this is about sports cars and 4x4s. Think premium brands such as Porsche, Jaguar, Maserati, Range Rover and Ferrari.

Of course not nearly as many people can afford these types of cars and as such you won’t sell nearly as many leads, but manufacturers and dealers are certainly willing to a pay a high premium for these leads. When they are gaining £60,000 - £100,000 worth of revenue they are prepared to reward people very generously for good information.

Ideally you still want to sell cars which are popular in their class – here are a couple of our recommendations if you are new to selling leads.

Jaguar XF

Prices for the Jaguar XF range from £30,000 all the way up to £80,000 for top spec models. Available in saloon and estate form, the XF is a very popular car for executives and business people. For this reason new cars are far more popular than used Jaguar XF vehicles – which makes them an attractive proposition for leads sellers.

Land Rover Range Rover

The Range Rover is one of the most iconic cars in Britain, and despite their high price tag you never seem to travel too far without spotting one – wherever you are in the UK. The customisation options for the Range Rover, and the fact that new versions are regularly released, make it an excellent lead seller.